Free Cake

by King Cake

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released May 13, 2011



all rights reserved


King Cake Brooklyn, New York


A child waits to be born; a soul in search of its host, a King in search of his subjects, a masterpiece in search of an artist. Liminal, naked, lonely – beneath oceans of cream, enrobed in folds of dough…

What is creation? Art? What is ownership?


...thunderous Bass, mesmerizing Axe, tender 'Bone, howling Trumpet, explosive Drums, and always the mellifluous yawp of the Voice.
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Track Name: King Cake
They call me King Cake
I'm so rich

The kind of lonely guy
Very easy to meet

Round ball of marzipan
Very difficult to eat

And in a dream
I creep up on you
Just like weight gain

I drip inside you
Like a limestone glaze

Like a fountain
In a cave

Just like an animal
Sculpted from melted sugar

I'll have you shaking
For days, and days, and days

And when you awake
Your skin
Will stick
To the bed

King Cake
Track Name: I Sense People
On this spaceship
I don't know how to talk with you

Your ugly face
Eyebrows don't move

Sex is out of the question
We're just skin and bone

A race of colleagues
Horny and alone

I Sense People

My nipples are buttons
My skin's not real

I'd rather say nothing
Than tell you how I feel
Track Name: Down
You're doing so good
Up down left right, do it 'till you die
You're no ordinary guy
You're super happy

Move those robotic feet
To our highly advanced erotic beat
Left left left left left down right
At the same time

Down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
Do it 'till you die

Bubblegum pop
Chips and cakes and best friends
Soon we'll go swimming
In the black

Down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
Do it 'till you die

As we look into the future
We are progressing to the source
A plush and vivid atmosphere
Like a digital neon obstacle course

Where we can appreciate all the colors of the future
And relish in the brilliance of our culture
And dance actively, and act brightly
Free glowing drinks nightly

Down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
Do it 'till you die